Trash Related

As of May 1, 2021 Belleview Acres HOA changed trash and recycling services to Republic Services. With this change came the technology of automated trash container pickup. We all received new 96 gallon trash containers that are necessary for the automated pick up process. While these bins are generally larger than those that were previously used by homeowners, it is important to note that our HOA Guidelines, Rules, and Regulations (GRRs) require that the Trash and Recycling containers are kept out of view from the street when not set out for pickup.  Specifically, Section I4 our GRRs state:   

I4 – Trash shall be set out on the curb no sooner than 6 pm the night before trash pick-up. Trash cans, bags and other items are to be kept out of view from the street at all other times. An exception to this is seasonal yard cleanup.

If for any reason, you have found that the 96 gallon trash or recycling containers are more than what you need, or too difficult to hide from view from the street, Republic Services has offered to trade out your 96 gallon containers for smaller 64 gallon (trash or recycling) or 35 gallon (trash only) container at no charge.  To switch out a container please contact Don Archuleta with Republic Services to make arrangements. You will need to provide the following information: Name, address, phone # and email address.  It takes a week for delivery.  Conversely, if you require an additional container Mr. Archuleta can accommodate that, as well.  Its cost is $48 a year, with no charge for delivery. 

 Please help everyone in the community by storing your trash containers in a location not visible from the street.

Trash pickup and recycling information is presented below.

Recycling is picked up every second week which are indicated by the “A” Weeks outlined on the calendar below. Please pay special attention to the items that can not be recycled – See sections on Non-Recyclable and Special Handling.